This weekend there are two shows at the two fairs we have in town – Gamex at the Kista fair and The Sewing Festival (Syfestivalen) at Älvsjö fair. John is going to the first one with his two best friends. The bestest (they have been best and closest friends since 1st grade) of them got back from Bahamas the other day and John (who was a bit worried if Arwid would get back in time or not) is happy as a clam 😀 and I’m totally sure they will have a great time on their own without any annoying adults LOL.

Me, I’m still debating with myself wether to go to the Sewing fair or not. The thing is – it’s not all about sewing. It’s knitting, felting, scrap booking and whatnot. There are some who sells sewing machines, but I already have one I totally love thank-you-very-much 😉 and of course there are quilting vendors, but I don’t think anyone offers any kind of discount, but charge the same prices they do in their stores.  From what I remember from recent fairs, there aren’t vey many quilts on display, only the ones each vendor has in/or around their stall and these you can’t get close enough to to check out stitching and quilting and such…… Well, I have some hours to go before making a decision, going in the middle of the day is a total no-no – horrible entrance queues and a crowd of females that can drive you up the wall with frustration.

The only reason I would go is to find some nice pink FQ that I need today, until  decision time, I sew some more on the 7th block of the Butterfly Garden BOM.