Last evening we placed an order for a new, from Swedish perspective very large couch. The DH found it on the web, I went to a furniture store and tried it out plus looked through the fabric swatches and came up with 8 or something I liked – most beige in different hues and fabrics. Send out a request to the web store The Dh fond for some prices and got terrific offers. Yesterday evening we went together to the store and The DH was as smitten as I was –  it’s that sort of couch that almost embraces you. You sit down and kind of sink into it LOL. With great efficiency we went through the swatches, discarded most, selected 3 fabrics, put them side by side on the couch and swichhh – we was in agreement faster than you could say XXX. We where both kind of surprised by this, can’t remember we ever agreed so fast (except for the house that was an instant agreement) without one or both having to give up on one thing or the other. Maybe that’s what comes from living together for so many years?

OK, that fabric we agreed on was my favorite a greenish beige in pure cotton, but I know (from experience) that if I had told The DH that, he would have rejected it flat out. So instead I did shut up and went along to tell witch one of the swatches I didn’t like and voilá – the fabric Brest 113 Mastic is going to cover our new huge, soft wonder 🙂 So I got the couch that I’ve dreamt a four seater, with a divan of in the fabric that spoke to me – not bad – huh?

The down side is that it’s going to take 6 weeks for it to be delivered, but the great thing is that after much agonizing, the store owner agreed to meet the price (which is still kind of hefty) we had been offered at the webstore and then some – we got a 17% discount and free delivery into our living room 😀

Now we only have to come up with a way to make it doggie proof – if the furry babes would shred this one, they will surely end up as four pawed angels  😮