After browsing through five of my books on sale, I found to my great amazement that the authors of two of them felt the need to express their Christian believes explicitly. Why???? These are quilting books that probably people of all religion buy, read and use and I assume that there are more than me that feel offended, having another persons believes “showed down” my throat. I don’t think I have seen authors of cook books, gardening ones or perfumery tomes behaving like that, nor any other handcraft/hobby books I own. Frankly, I find it offencive. Well you don’t have to read it, some might argue, but I have no way of knowing what’s going to pop up in the text beforehand – do I? When I come across such adoration in the introduction, it kind of tints the rest of the book for me and I feel a little bit of……..sourpuss cum bitch maybe? LOL.

Well now I have only three more unread books to go from this sale stash, but right now I’m going to re-read the “Fast, Fun and Easy Fabric Boxes” cause I truly didn’t get it the first round. I said it before, I’m quite good at English for being a Swede, but I still after over 30 years at it, have some problem every now and then to read and –  understand instructions :-O It’s like text and pictures don’t manage to get through my skull and enter the creative part of my brain. When I browsed through the book the first time my mind went “wonder where I’m going to find stiff interfacing here? And just a couple of minutes ago it struck me – I already hav a nice roll of Vildona in my study – that might work? What do more of you clevery experienced girls think? Can Vildona work as the Timtex suggested in the book?

Probably due to the lower levels of thyroid hormone and baaaaaad sleep last night, I feel not only way beyond painfully tired/exhausted which left today a bit grumpy. SO I browsed through “Quilted Garden Delights” by Holly Knott & Diane Knot and in all honesty I think that Dianes water colors are way better that the art quilts (in fact they are beautiful and I wouldn’t mind owning some of her artwork) and there was several aspects of their designs that I would prefer to make more picture perfect ;-9 So there – feel free to hit me over the head with a bamboo stick ROFLMAO.

I think I will leave “Piecing Workshop” by Ruth B. McDowells for tomorrow. I have a little pause in the Butterfly Garden BOM project, since a small selection of FQs will arrive here next week – hopefully on Monday 🙂 that I would like to be able to incorporate in the last Big BOM’s.

Now it is absolutely time for me to close the computer and turn out the light. Nighty-Night!!