A bit more than a month a go, one of the girls at the Swedish group “Quilt_Lapp teknik” posted that C&T Publishing was having a sale. Since I just love books and my collection of quilt related ones is still kind of tardy ;-o (the cooking, perfumery and gardening ones is a bit more extensive :-)), I sauntered over to their web shop and my oh my, that was not any sort of minor sale – lots and lots of different titles and at such affordable prices. I found to my great surprise that some of the titles I already owned, but most not and I ended up buying 8 of them at prices ranging from 3-5USD. With shipping the end price per books turned out like 53SEK = wow!! I promise you – finding a quilt related book here in Sweden at that price is a total no-go. Well the interest for that sale where beyond expectation, so the books took their bloody time to get here (4 weeks instead of the promised 10-14 days) – when todays mail was book-less, I kind of despaired. But low and behold, pling-pling went the doorbell and there was the friendly postman with my 3kg (6lbs) heavy package of goodies 🙂

Here is what I got:

To keep myself in suspense, I have refrained from opening any of them yet “den som spar han har” can be roughly translated into “he who saves, has”. Giggely giggely ;-9