Since I have no new BOM block to show, I thought I would write something witty about the difference in men and women (apart from the obvious), how to get what you want without nagging or -Fat Quarters. But they all turned out completely dull, so I deleted the drafts.

Imagine this – you get home after work and grocery shopping like any other day and is met by – disaster!! A huge pile of what turned out to be feathers and half a sofa left. OMG – kicked out the culprits (AKA the dogs) and spent the next 2 hrs to clean up that unholy mess. Who oh why??? Well me and John are firm believers that they was high on doggie dope – some cheap dental chewing sticks I bought at Rusta, The DH think it was because Arwen was false preggers and tried to hide the pups….. 😮

Well ever since then we have lived with a malfunctioning couch, The DH removed the left over cushions and put in a lot of outdoor chair cushions and covered them with an old bedspread and I have flat out refused to sit in it – it’s way too uncomfortable. My man had this strange notion that to save money, we would buy a foam mattress at IKEA, some fabrics and for me to sew the covers. I on the other hand wanted a new/used couch, spending time and effort on something that would never look 100% good isn’t my thing. But I have learned (the hard way) that if my man had got something into his head, saying otherwise would be futile. But did I read ads and brochures and was biding my time ….I came to the conclusion that I really like the divan type, it would totally sole the problem with two adults and 2 dogs, trying to fit into the same couch.

So better keep silent….. Then all of a sudden The DH started to check out the IKEA website, took measures and came to the conclusion that we would need 2 mattresses and a lot of fabric and that this would cost a loooooot of SEK. So that venture kind of ran out with the sand. OK, try to find an upholsterer then who can make two new cushions and new covers for the surviving ones ? There are two of them in our parts…and that sound ok with me, since it was my idea to begin with LOL. Now there are probably more of you girls out there who has experienced the same thing – tell them what you want and they say no, keeep silent for a long time and kaboom – they come up with the same idea, like it was theirs  to begin with;-9

And then all of a sudden while browsing through Blocket (buy and sell site) to check up on the used sofa market, he found some very upend divan couches (the same brand and model) in varying colors and prices. A model and make that are totally up my alley. The thing is that I never told The DH I like the divan type of style, nor that I think the living room need a kind of makeover and could we please get rid of the old, ugly dog sofa too? But he picked up on it nevertheless and it’s not the first time this happen 😉 So now we have our feelers out for one of them ads and is going to a shop on Saturday that sell low priced couches, just to check them out. And I promise, if we find ourselves a new sofa, I am going to make some new curtains too.

On the even better side, John who couldn’t find his keys this morning, called me and told me he found them – in his school locker 😮

But in the back of my mind churns “what about the dogs then……??” over and over again 😉