Two posts in one day? Well I did mention the birthday girl earlier and some might wonder – who’s birthday is it? Well it’s my much beloved furry baby Fiona’s 10th birthday! She’s my very first pet ever and she has saved my life a couple of times, just because she was. Not the best of pics, but taken just before she (and Arwen) got their yummy treats. Look – the right paw is ready for “nice paw” (fin tass)  😉


My babies are Rhodesian Ridgebacks (known as African Liondogs) and their expected lifespan is 10-12 years. Happily Fiona’s only sign of aging is a grey muzzle, the rest of her is fit as rain; she guards as always and  – is ever the true queen bitch of the Universe. Honestly, she has always been and probably always will be a real bitch. Takes after her Mom in the aspect “I’m 51% sweetheart, 49% bitch – don’t push it”. ROFLMAO. Needless to say – we all love her like crazy and John has decided that she will live another six years and become the oldest RR – at least in Sweden? I cross my fingers and hope she does and give up a big cheer – for Fiona 8>