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I did finish it two days ago but after many “ifs and buts” (“många om och men” in Swedish :-)) I managed to get a decent shot of it:

Now I’m halfway through block No4 and is starting to enjoy myself more and more, even when it comes to the stitchery ;-o

Confession time – the only thing I have done today except stitching and tweaking the base chord on Sam’s vanillaish perfume (it do take time to build a perfume), is to bring the potted plants indoors. I blame it on a sense of exhaustion, probably due to the low Kcal intake… Cause believe it or not, I do all of a sudden sleep quite well for the first time in ages. But the strange thing is, that even though this great improvement, I don’t wake up feeling completely rested….can’t help but wonder why?

I did try to dig up the irises, but the whole clump of them have grown so large and dense, that it was totally impossible to get the shovel in the soil. I need to check if we might have one with a pointed blade somewhere or – get The DH to do the hard work 😉

Tomorrow’s Monday……håhåjaja……..

Todays dinner is what is served on demand every second Sunday – oven roosted chicken of the corn (chicken, not children LOL and here it’s called corn chicken – chickens that have grown up on corn) and potato gratin with lots of garlic and cream ;-9