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Due to the bad natural lighting today, I never managed to get a decent shot of the finished 3rd block of the Butterfly Garden BOM. No matter what, tomorrow I’m going to take a picture of it outside if needed. I have pieced the 4th block and been doing some stitching on the mini-blocks – look good so far.

Since fall has fallen on us completely, I need to dig up a large patch of irises from the back border and transfer some of them to the front border before it gets too cold and – give some of them to my darling neighbor G. Then I have to plant two pots of lavender in said border, pot some Fuchsias (I bought during the summer and they have grown immensely) to bring indoor for the winter. I also need to move my houseplants – mostly decorative citruses and – one jasmine sambac (the real deal) indoors, but I’m going to ask the kids to help me with that. My kids are very good in many ways, but one is that if you ask them to help out, they do it without whining 🙂

He, Sam is funny at times – he told me that I ought to be happy that he’s such a good kid, not running around doing lesser than good stuff like some kid we know of, but stays at home so I know where he is ROFLMAO. I am happy though to have a son like him (of course like John too), very very happy 😀