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A mind full of ….ness???? 

Well, after I found these neat embroidery apps, someone somewhere told about this minfullness app and inquisitive as I am 😉 I bought it too.

You know, I am that kind of person that every now and then need/crave a change in my life. Not that I’m a thrill seeker or go traipsing round the forests of Borneo, but in my entire adult life, I have done something – moving, studying, bit of traveling, familying etc. etc.

For quite a few years now, life has been stagnant – we have grown more and more comfortable in our suburban life – eating too well, drinking to well – not changing especially much.

So enough is enough, I can’t bloody well demand that we sell the house and move, just cause I get the itch (no, not that kind of itch you sillies) and the good life kind of got, well too good? So one day I decided to give up one of my lesser good ways (nope, to private to tell) totally. And after a week I figured that I ought to loose some weight and started on the Nutrilett diet program. It’s a Swedish Professor, Stefan Rössner (specializes in obesity and weightloss) who have developed it and many copy-cats have followed. If you follow the regime strictly, you exchange all meals with these shakes or bars (5 a day) but cooking dinner for the family and not eat some of it?? Now that is totally of the map/grid…so I swap breakfast (ha, I’m not good at eating breakfast) and lunch for shakes and chew on a nutrition bar twice a day, figuring I get less than 1000 kcal that way if I eat a small portion of the dinner. Since my former life probably held at least 2000-2500 kcal, that is a huge change and ought to show up on the scales and the measure tape – right? But like the first vice, it is a bit hard on the mind – imagine not having a sandwich or too, nor cookies, potato chips or sodas…..I mean, suddenly stuff you normally don’t fancy, suddenly is verahhh attractive to you 😉

Oh, I also have cut out my go-to-sleep pills entirely. And I promise you – that is hard. It takes like forever to go to sleep now, specially when The DH lay next to me, snoring blissfully away. Last night I just had to get out my earplugs, which I haven’t used in ages. Heaven above, what a dense silence! The thing is – I haven’t slept soundly for over 12 years and there is only so much sleeping disorder this woman could function with, hence the pills. Note, it wasn’t sleeping pills, just ones to induce the sleep to come. But – when I do these other changes that affects my body, why not cut these of too? I figured that it must be better to get a little sleep that is sound, than an all night chemical induced one.

So we’re back with the mindfulness app. Maybe if I do these centering and meditation “lessons” each day, I might be able to get more relaxed and sleep better? With two dogs and two kids, it’s kind of hard to get even 5 minutes of solitude for these exercises, but today I managed:-) I told John not to disturb me until I told all-clear and the dogs managed to keep silent. But even with that female voice through my headset and the bing of tiny bells, it is difficult to focus completely. I’m not used to such activities and suddenly my mind wanders and I have to rein it in. Well, it’s been only four days now, so I can’t tell any difference. But if I do the diet and Mindfulness exercises for three weeks, I ought to see some…….CHANGES!

Time to take John to the hairdresser for a cut – he looks like a sweet, almost teenaged troll LOL.