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You know I hate that Clover hoop with a vengeance, so when I couldn’t find the dream hoop from Cosmos by Lecien – the one with a rubber inner circle, I searched and found Hoop-La:

At eBay I found them at very good prices and ordered a 4 inch one…Did I check how many centimeters 4 inch are? Oh no, I was pretty sure it would be just right…..right? Hell NO!!! It arrived to day in a disturbingly small padded envelope and what do you know – 4 inch is just 10.16 friggin cm :-O Not even the mini-blocks fits in, I will have to move the hoop around 😦 MIne is that bright yellow one – ack.

So I set my hope to the Grandma hoop (<G>), nice girls at the Horizon club suggested that I could correct the misfitting inner circle with winding “flat tweed tape” (I do have a clue on what that might be in Swedish, but is not entirely sure) or – cut selvedge strips. I have done the latter, but not tried out (nor the midget Hoop_la) yet cause my third BOM block isn’t ready for embroidery yet. I did put the block together today (oh how fun it is to audition, cut and sew) and spend the evening with some of the appliques. Love doing the appliques with the YLI silk threads. That thread is thin as a strand of hair on my kids heads, but sinks into the fabric and becomes almost invincible 🙂

Well, time to go to bed, more tomorrow :-9