I finished the second block today and it’s as unpressed as the first one ;-o:

OK I confess, the mini block 2 and 9 is not my thing at all. Actually it was almost painful painful to stich them, cause how much I tried I couldn’t get these back stitches even and straight. Imagine that, the most easy stitch to sew and I can’t get them right. It’s like me and cooking – I can cook most fancy stuff (you should taste my Coeur de Filet de Provençal),  but ordinary Swedish pancakes is a hassle to make 😉 I mean, it took me forever to get at least half a batch decent…. But my Fresh knots are on the verge of becoming great 🙂

So I started on the third block and have three mini blocks put together except for the appliques and embroideries – I’m saving that until the whole big block is finished, cause it’s much more easy to work that way.

Monday…. work….sigh….;-9