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The short answer is – yup, sometimes there is and – sometimes there isn’t ;-9 Lately I found that there is though.

Like embroidery floss… I bought a very small selection of Cosmo floss. Yeahhh, it is Cosmo – not Cosmos – silly me in earlier posts. And worked with it on some small embroideries. The remembering that somewhere I have a even smaller selection of DMC and Tilda flosses. Found them in a small bag inside a larger bag :-?, mostly pinks to greens. Laid them side-by-side with the Cosmo – oh, the latter feel so much nicer. Light and fluffy, like a down duvet compared to a holow-fiber one 🙂 So I decided to try one of the DMC, jus tot compare them. And whatdayaknow – that #%&&/ DMC snagged and did a bird nest when I separated the strands, snagged when I sew, knotted when I sew and did not move through the fabric effortless, but kind of felt like the surface of the thread was not smooth. I swear. I’m only gonna use these threads when the Cosmo floss don’t work out color wise.

DMC to the left, Cosmo to the right. Oh how I wish I could justify the cost of getting a full collection of Cosmo…..but I admit, I’m not really that into stichery…right now….I might get there?? One day?? But what I really really would like to have to be able to keep the threads in order is these:

the one in the left corner, since as far as I can see, that are the only one you can put several docks on. But they are so unreasonable xpensive, that I just can’t bring my self to order some

The other thing that really made a difference, was to move my Wolfiestitchin blog here from Blogger. Reasons? – please see first post. I truly like to work with WP, easy to use, everything is on the admin page and you get a stat counter thrown in that is easy to access . Sadly, like with Blogger, I can’t find a template with a quilting theme, so I picked this one that, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with quilting, is beautiful and wonderfully classy 😀 I’ve seen umpteenth of free WP templates out there, but heck if I can understand how to upload them to my WP account. Well, that will be something to delve into during the horrid Swedish winter months. Ohhh, how I dread the coming of that season, the weather guys saiy it’s going to be as horrible as last winter = snow from early November to early April. Dang, if I wanted that kind of weather I would move back to the northern parts LOL.

The second last result of my recent shopping spree arrived yesterday – an Ott-Lite lamp. I have been thinking about getting one for ages now, but somehow never been to sure that one would do a difference. This is the model I got:

Vero table 1100SEK (picture from Skövde Symaskinsaffär) and boy, did it make a difference!! Even I with my pre-cataract vision could thread the embroidery needle while it was pitch dark outside = yayyyyyy!!!

Now something completely different – a super cheap nail polish that works better than most of the much more expensive ones I have in my collection, like OPI. I found it a sales bin at ICA maxi Botkyrka (not a store I frequent, but the DH went to Biltema) – only 20 SEK each (less than 3 USD)!!. It’s called Paris Memoirs and works like a wonder – it glided of effortlessly and stayed there for 6 days. Simply amazing. Sadly the range of colors wa not to my liking, but I got a brown with golden shimmer and this:

A fuchsia pink one with a bluish hue to it and that is what I’m going to put on my nails later today. But first some more stitching of letters on that block. I want to be finished today so I can get back to audition my new fabrics for the next block.

Now that was a lengthy if there ever was one. Have a lovely Saturday 🙂