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Haha, I thought that would catch your attention, but sadly this isn’t a kinky post at all.

I haven’t done much applique or embroidery work and therefor lacked the proper threads. I was on the verge to buy some sets of Rowans all cotton thread, but one of the girls on the Quilt and Lappteknik Yahoo group suggested YLI silks instead since they burry into the fabric and get almost invisible. HAHAHA, no wonder they disappear – they are almost as thin as a strand of hair and therefore – darned near impossible to thread. Not even this thingee helped one bit:

I pushed and pushed and pushed that button and only one out of more than twenty resulted in a threaded needle. Hmm, almost as bad as when threading the needle the ordinary way – with my poor cataractic eyesight it’s a touch and go experience, specially when the light isn’t terrific. Something need to be done, but to go as far as buying a lamp with a magnifying glass is still a no-no( I’m not that old, so instead I have ordered an Ott-lite lamp ;-9

OK so I can applique and did the first Big Daisy flower to the best of my abilities There are some small nicks along the borders of the hearts and big Daisies in the Butterfly Garden BOM 1 & 2, but for a beginner I think I did great 🙂

So yesterday did not only bring some FMQ stuff (Supreme Glider, Magic Washers, Machingers and a book), but also the very first Cosmos embroidery yarn:

Just look at these colors!! Aren’t they great? Almost candy like and soft as silk to the touch. I tried the dark purple on some tiny Buddleya flowers and behaved much more friendly that DMC floss does. But silly me – I didn’t use a hope and due to the above mentioned bad light, I have to take it out later and start all over. Well, all and all – it is such a small stitchery, that it’s no big deal – right? TAHAAAA, it showed that embroidery stitches are way more difficult to remove than ordinary machine ones. The instruction said “lazy chain” stitch for the flowers, but what the h-k is that? I Googled it and it looked like stand alone chain stithies to me.

Well, time to take John to the Swedish equivalent to PTA meeting – “utvecklingssamtal” and then some dreary grocery shopping. After that I’m free to try some more embroidery/stitchery…..wonder whatever the difference there is between the two of them?