I read the other day about a woman who get her entire blog deleted by Blogger without any reason at all. This was a blog set up for letting her family stay in touch and be able to see her kids grow up and after trying in vain to get in contact with Google, she was more that frustrated. She had all her photos on back up, but all the posts and comments are gone for good. I think they accused her of spamming  –  how is that possible when this was a private, password only blog?

I don’t know – maybe it’s the same here? But I do think that WP is classier that Blogger and quite easy to work with. I had an account back in time when I had a botanical perfumery site and was never dissatisfied with it. In fact, one of my “enemies” reported me to WP, they looked into the issue and came to the conclusion that I’d done nothing wrong. If it had been Blogger, I believe they would never had bothered to investigate. Of course WP has their rules too and can cancel a blog when they choose to, but their rules are all written with a great sense of humour.


Just to test the features, here’s a pic from this mornings mushroom hunt with The DH and the dogs: